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Acne Cures You Can Use Today!

September 17, 2018 by Phil Nataghi

You’ve probably spent your whole life hearing about how good washing your face is for you. If you are anything like the rest of us, washing your face is not the most enjoyable activity and making time to do it every day feels like a hassle. Taking the time to wash your face before going to bed is a chore–even if the memories of fighting acne all through puberty are still fresh. Here’s the truth: to keep bacteria and other things from clogging your pores, you need to keep your face clean. Do you still want to be prone to breakouts in your thirties and onward? Here are a few hints to help you keep your skin healthy.

Make sure your hair stays away from your face.

Throughout the day your scalp produces oil which gets into your hair and then gets transferred to your face if you don’t take steps to keep this from happening. When you have long hair it has a way of falling in your face whether or not you want it to, which is how so many people end up with clogged pores, even as adults! We understand the appeal of long hair and bangs, but it is better to keep your hair off of your face. Use a headband to keep your hair back or pull it back into a braid or ponytail. Your face and skin will be so happy!

Get a dermatologist to help you. Some people simply have acne that cannot be cured with over the counter treatments. Sometimes you need to ask a doctor for help–especially if nothing is helping to ease your acne and breakouts. A professional will be able to prescribe extra strength acne fighters to help you. Your doctor might even find that something else (besides simple clogged pores) is causing your acne flare ups. Did you know that acne can be caused by genetics or other medical conditions? A skin care professional will be able to properly diagnose your acne and breakouts and will be able to give you directions on how to cure them.

Wash your face at least twice a day. We can even get clogged pores in our sleep. It is not hard to put together a skin cleansing ritual for the morning and another for the evening. Most people find that a quick wash in the mornings is all they need while the evenings require a higher level of attention and care. Your face will thank you for it!

Treat your acne in whatever way works best for you. You might be able to use a simple mask made of natural ingredients while someone else might need something so strong they need a prescription from their doctor to use it. There are even people who are able to treat their acne with only a balanced diet and regular exercise. You might have to try a few different remedies before you find the one that works for you. Keep at it and you will eventually find the best acne remedy for your skin. Keep trying and before you know it your skin will be acne free!