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Find a Weight Loss Program that Works

June 4, 2018 by Phil Nataghi

Want to lose weight? Are you one of the many who goes from diet to diet, trying to find a way to lose the weight quickly? Are you getting frustrated with spending lots of money on programs and diets that don’t work? So why not take some time to research the different options and find one that you can succeed at. In this article we will take a look at some of the more popular weight loss programs. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of a few of the more popular programs that we’ve found. If you interested in learning this, then keep reading.

One of the best known weight loss programs is the Atkins diet. Everybody knows about this “no carbs” “eat lots of meat” diet. What many don’t realize is that this diet can be incredibly harmful. Yes, you will lose weight eating this way. The weight loss is quick, as well. Unfortunately with this program, the weight loss is almost never permanent. You will start regaining the weight as soon as you start eating carbs again. Besides, your body needs the nutrients found in carbs. Your body uses carbohydrates to create energy. Nutritionally, going cutting out carbohydrates is bad for you, not to mention it can be difficult.

There is yet another up and coming program called Dean Ornish’s Eat More Weigh Less that is gaining momentum. Consumer currently lists this program as a top diet program. This has been listed as one of the best programs for vegetarians who want to lose weight. This program is one of only a few clinically proven weight loss methods. The main drawback to this program is it is extremely strict and there isn’t alot of variety in the food. One of the biggest benefits to this program is that it is good for the heart.

The NutriSystem weight loss solution is another program you’ve no doubt heard alot about. This system bases the food on a glycemic index, here they send the food directly to your home. This system no longer has centers that you can gain support from, instead they are almost completely internet based. The major bonus for this system is that it is one of the most affordable programs out there. As far as affordability goes nutrisystem takes the cake.

Most weight loss programs have different principals. Sadly, some are built solely on the premise of making money from people who are desperate to lose weight. Your doctor will definately be interested in hearing about any program you are using that is working for you.

Your medical professional will have advice on programs that might be right for you. Trying a bunch of programs in hopes hat something will eventually work for you is a really bad idea. Before you try something that might not work talk to your doctor first!