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Getting Better With Natural Health

June 6, 2016 by Phil Nataghi

Most of us already understand that fighting a cold or flu is best done by drinking lots of fluids and getting plenty of rest. Vitamin C is another basic requirement of staying healthy. Even though you might know how to stay healthy, when you get sick your major concern is getting better quickly. This is one of the reasons that so many people choose drugs over natural remedies. These medications can sooth cold and flu symptoms fairly quickly. Taking these medicines seems like a good idea but they do eventually wear off and, often, your cold will last longer because, instead of working through the symptoms, the medication just puts them on hold for a little while. Natural health methods, on the other hand, actually work against your cold so that you get over the cold faster.

Even scientists believe that using natural remedies like chicken soup can help a person treat symptoms of the common cold and flu. Over the counter medications will not actually combat the illness that ails you but the ingredients in chicken soup will because they are filled with vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to build its immune system to help combat the germs that have taken hold.

Make some salve. Head and chest congestion are no match for a well made and effective salve. There are quite a few salve recipes out there that are well known for their healing properties-the herbs and other natural ingredients used are good for the skin and your system and can be a great way to absorb the nutrients you need if your stomach is acting up.

Though it isn’t, technically a natural health solution, vaporub is a great salve to have on hand. Whether you place a little bit under your nose to help you breathe or on your chest to help break up your cough or even on your feet to help you sleep, salves are a great natural health remedy.

Steam is good. Hot baths and showers can be even more helpful than over the counter sinus drugs. You will have an easier time breathing when you use steam to help open up your sinus passages. The water used to produce the steam will be hot which will help your muscles relax and help you get the rest you need to heal. If you aren’t up for taking a full shower or bath, inhale some steam from a pot of steaming water by leaning over the face of the pot and putting a towel over your head. You place a towel over your head because the sides of the towel will help direct the steam toward your face instead of simply out into the air (it also helps the water retain its heat). Ridding your sinuses of discharge is made a lot easier by the breathing in of steam.

People suffering from illnesses have a wide variety of herbal and other natural health options to choose from when they want to get better. Why spend a bunch of money on over the counter medication when you probably already own all of the cures that you need? Obviously you want to follow orders given to you by a doctor but if you don’t have doctors’ orders why not try the natural route?