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How To Reduce Weight

August 25, 2015 by Phil Nataghi

We firmly believe that the best answer to the question “How To Reduce Weight” is to do it naturally.

This means you should forget about fad diets, dietary supplements, diet pills, energy drinks, and certainly having surgery of any sort. Although these artificial methods of weight loss may well help you to reduce weight in the short term, they usually do more harm than good in the long term.

There are a number of articles on this site covering a healthy eating plan so here we will concentrate on one particular aspect – drinking water. You might not see this as very exciting it can be a great way to help reduce weight naturally. Drinking water has the following benefits:

  • Replaces other calorie laden drinks – many people are not really aware of how many calories they consume in drinks such as soda and fruit juice. Whilst fruit juices may be marketed as healthy, many contain added sugar or other unhealthy sweeteners. Drinking water instead avoids taking in these extra calories and it also reduces consumption of sugar which is the worse enemy of anyone wanting to reduce weight.
  • Reduces hunger – if you feel hungry between meals, experience a craving for some type of food or are in a situation where it seems normal to eat, try drinking a glass of water instead. This will give a feeling of being full and will counter the desire to eat. You have then avoided consuming unnecessary calories by doing something easy and healthy.
  • Suppresses appetite – if you drink a glass of water shortly before a meal you will find that you will be happy eating less than you would otherwise have done. This is a very simple way of making eating less very easy.
  • Avoids water retention – the majority of our bodies are made up of water and it is therefore essential to our well being. If you do not drink enough, the body will store water but if you drink plenty it will not do this. Therefore drinking more will actually mean you weigh less.
  • Increases metabolic activity – drinking water will result in an increase in metabolic activity for a period afterwards. Whilst the effect is relatively small it also helps towards reducing weight.
  • Water is a natural laxative – a sufficient amount of water is essential for proper bowel function. If you do not drink enough you can suffer from constipation and painful bowel movements.
  • Water is essential to reduce stored fat – when you are trying to reduce weight you want to lose fat and to do this you want your kidneys and liver to function properly which they cannot do without enough water. If you do not take in enough water your body will tend to store fat and your weight reduction will be slow or stop all together.

You could therefore say that water is a magic potion when it comes to losing weight and good diet programs recommend that you drink at least 8-10 glasses a day. Failure to do this will make your dieting much more difficult and less successful. Therefore we can say that a sensible answer to the question “How to reduce weight” is drink water.