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Keep Your Jogging Motivation High with these Tips

January 22, 2018 by Phil Nataghi

Running or jogging just might be the most natural method of exercising ever. Nearly every culture has been using running for exercise for centuries, way before there were ever health gyms or elliptical machines. These days people aren’t in very good shape, and many people have health problems because of it, but if they’d just run or jog, they could get back in shape in no time. We will be looking at some ways to get the most from running.

If you are going to run or jog to get in shape, you must be consistent. Most people have lots of enthusiasm when they begin a running routine, and sometimes they even get overzealous. You’ll find that most of the time this results in injury, and that will sideline any running routine for months. This is not the way to get the real benefits of running. The best way to do it is to ease into it and keep going until you reach your goal. It’s good to jog or run at least three times per week, for at least thirty minutes. When you first start out, forget about how fast you’re going. You will always get more out of running if you just do it without worrying about how fast you’re going, instead of going too hard until you burn out. While it’s true that running when you’re sick or injured is never smart, it will still become necessary to really motivate yourself sometimes. The ones with all the excuses, like being too fatigued or too worn out, will never stick with their running routines long enough to receive maximum benefit from it.

Jogging can be enjoyable but it’s still a good idea to study the many health benefits of this activity. On days that you don’t want to go running, this information can provide motivation. Jogging can be a great way to lose weight as long as you are consistent about it.

Jogging benefits both your cardiovascular health and your bones health. The runner’s high is another benefit of jogging because jogging releases endorphins. Going jogging when you’re feeling down is one of the best ways to feel better.

Before you walk or run, it’s really important to warm-up and stretch, but also it is important to do a proper warming down after exercising. You will be helping yourself avoid injuries by proper cooling down or warming down from a good run. So a good rule of thumb is to start and end at a slow pace and you ease into the transition. Be very sure you get in the habit of a pre-run stretching session, and then do a post-run stretch. If you want you can elevate your feet above your heart level as that helps your heart return to normal activity.

There are several reasons to take up jogging. It will improve your overall fitness level and help you to lose weight. A good run will even improve your mood. The key to getting the most out of jogging is consistency. Using the jogging tips just discussed will help you get started with this simple but powerful exercise.