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Planning Your Weight Loss

December 7, 2015 by Phil Nataghi

If you want to lose weight you can easily become totally confused by all the diets and dieting advice out there. You might try to follow some diet plan but find it hard work and eventually give up. I can across an interesting short article by a journalist reporting on her own experience.

The key point is that you should be clear why you want to lose weight, it must be for yourself as you will find it very difficult if you are only trying to please others. The other key point is to design your program around your life and what you like doing.

“There is such an overload of information on fitness, that it can leave one overwhelmed. Do not get addicted to reading up excessively. All the articles I read contradicted each other and that left me confused and even a bit demotivated”

If you can do this you should be able to maintain your motivation and eventually meet your aims.

Click Here to read the full article.