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Should I Buy Glasses Online?

March 23, 2015 by Phil Nataghi

You may have wondered if it is a good idea to buy glasses online. Obviously you can’t try them first to see if they suit you and how can you be sure they will fit properly? Most importantly will they correct your vision as well as those bought from a bricks and mortar store?
Well the good news is that none of these things is really a problem, it is easy to buy glasses online and you will save a significant amount of money.

The first step is your prescription. This should relate to eyeglasses (a contact lens version may differ) and it should be recent or you should have a new eye examination. You also need your PD (Papillary Distance) which is the distance in millimeters between your pupils. This is not always included so make sure you are given this (average PD is about 62mm).

You can now go online and look at the frames available. This is where it is an advantage to buy glasses online because there will be many more to choose from and there is no pressure to make up your mind quickly. The sizes will be available and you can compare these to any existing eyeglasses.

Having chosen your frames you can choose to buy range of extras above the standard single vision lens. These will include different types of lenses with different coating and tints. This is where you can add considerably to the price but again when you buy glasses online there is no pressure, so you can think about what you actually need.

You can then place the order and wait for the glasses to arrive. Delivery times can vary depending on how complex the order is. When the glasses arrive they should correct your vision as well as glasses purchased from any other source. If the frames need adjusting for a more comfortable fit you can seek advice from the online store but clearly they cannot do this for you. So you will either have to do this yourself or seek help from a local optical store (for a small fee).

So if you buy discount eyeglasses online the disadvantages are that you can’t try them on first and there is no personal fitting when the glasses are delivered. However, you get more choice, can take as long as you want to decide on the frames and the extras that you need and, critically, you pay a much lower price.