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Understand The Paleo Diet

July 22, 2014 by Phil Nataghi

I am sure you must have heard of the newly in trend, Paleo Diet. Especially if you are one of those many people looking for diet plans for weight control, fat loss, healthy living and so on. However, ironically this new trend is in fact a very old practice. And here, by old, I mean around 12000 years back. This is when man had no clue even about agriculture. It was the time when men lived in caves. Known as the Paleolithic age, this is where the term ‘Paleo diet’ is derived from.

Now that we know where its origin lies, let us get to know more about this diet which is a promising way of better living. During the Paleolithic age, man lived on natural food. Thus his diet would include fruits, berries, nuts, some vegetables, animal mass and seafood. No grains, no dairy products. If you rethink over this, you would realize these are the main sources leading to most of the health ailments, weight problems in today’s era. So does it mean that man, at that time was fitter and healthier? Yes, that is a definite truth!

Now, if we know that diet helped man live better in those days, why not follow some tips from our ancestors to plan our diets? That’s where the Paleo diet comes in. Based on research and scientific studies, experts have shown various ways in which this diet can be extremely beneficial to us, even in the modern times. Owing to its very natural and seasonal ingredients, this diet is high in nutrition, fiber and has all the essential oils. It is free from unhydrogenated oils, processing and fats. Mainly, it is very low in carbohydrates, which is a great advantage for those of you who are keen on reducing weight and being slim and fit.

This diet is a right combination of flavor, nutrition, fibers and is of amazing utility to fight health problems and excessive weight. Even if you look at it as a weight loss solution it would not disappoint you at all! With a impressive palate of vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood, this diet will make sure that you are not deprived of most of the foods you love. It will at the same time do its own work of looking after and nurturing your body and health.

And good news is that, you need not worry about dehydration, low energy and weight relapse…this diet is going to provide you with exactly the right amounts of energy, fluids, oils, fibers and is make you tread on a permanent path of good health!